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More Than 23 Years Of Experience

I have guided countless Oregon residents and businesses through the bankruptcy process towards a stable financial future.

Trust In

More Than 23 Years Of Experience

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Developing Long-Term Solutions That Meet Your Needs

When you face a legal problem, you need a solution that meets your needs now and for years to come. At Christopher J. Kane, PC, I will guide you to that solution. I have over 23 years of experience helping clients find debt relief, secure foreclosed property through sheriff’s sales, develop personalized estate plans and successfully form new businesses. I will employ the most efficient and effective strategy that can also secure the best results.

Be Empowered; Get Relief   |   Serving Portland Since 2005

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Debt relief through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Real Estate

Foreclosed property purchases through sheriff’s sales.

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Estate Planning

Wills, trusts and other key estate planning tools.

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Business Formation

LLCs, corporations, limited partnerships and more.

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An Attorney Who Advocates For The Little Guy

I have dedicated my practice to representing the little guy. Oregon residents and small business owners should not be overwhelmed by harassing creditors, the complex court system and other powerful players. My goal is to even the playing field by providing strong advocacy and in-depth legal insights that protect your best interests. While I may negotiate a settlement on your behalf, I can also represent you in state or federal court. The approach I take depends on the unique facts of your situation and what actions can achieve the best possible results.


“My clients benefit from my very personalized approach: I will always give you the time and close attention you need. I will listen carefully, explain fully and work conscientiously to help you reach your goals.”

Discuss Your Case During A Free Consultation

Whether you suffer from high debt, are starting a business or require a personalized estate plan, you deserve to partner with a trustworthy lawyer. I can capably guide you through your issue toward the resolution you need.

Call Christopher J. Kane, PC, at 971-808-4518 to schedule a free initial case consultation. You may also contact my Portland office online. We will thoroughly discuss your situation so you leave our initial meeting understanding your options and feeling empowered to fix your concern.

Law Blog of Christopher J. Kane, P.C.

What is bankruptcy discharge?

Bankruptcy discharge is the process of having your debt forgiven after filing for chapter 7. At this point, it is no longer permissible for creditors to contact you in order to recoup a debt, which can be a great relief to the filer. The Balance explains the...

Am I eligible for chapter 13?

As a debt repayment plan, chapter 13 allows you to keep your home and other possessions while discharging many types of debt. You must meet certain criteria to be eligible for chapter 13, as it’s crucial that you’re able to keep up with payments for the duration of...

Lottery winnings and estate planning

Some people play the lottery for years, hoping to finally score big and see their lives change immediately. Most are not ever able to realize these dreams, but some become wealthy overnight, and this can change their life in many ways. With newfound wealth, they may...