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What Debts Cannot Be Discharged In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

At Christopher J. Kane, PC, I have helped Oregon residents find relief from overwhelming debt since 2005. I understand your fears and frustrations during the bankruptcy process and will take time to thoroughly explain your options towards financial stability.

While many of your debts can be eliminated in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, some debts cannot be discharged. This means you will eventually have to pay them back, either in full or at a negotiated lower amount. I can evaluate your financial situation to explain which debts you have to repay and which we can eliminate.

Understanding Nondischargeable Debts

Debts that you must repay are known as “nondischargeable debts.” It can be overwhelming to see how quickly these debts add up. However, since a lot of your debt can be eliminated, your required payments will be much more manageable than their current levels.

You must pay back any debt acquired from:

  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Child support
  • Fraud penalties
  • Student loans
  • Taxes
  • Fines and penalties for breaking the law
  • Personal injury damages that you owe
  • Debt you fail to itemize in your bankruptcy papers

Once your dischargeable debts are eliminated, we can discuss how to successfully maintain payments for your nondischargeable debts. I will also explain how bankruptcy can impact your credit and other aspects of your life. I am here to serve as your legal resource and to answer all your debt relief questions.

Working Toward A Fresh Start

With over 23 years of experience, I can guide you through the entire bankruptcy process. I will explain what to expect and how filing for bankruptcy can benefit your family’s long-term well-being.

Call my office at 971-808-4518 to set up an appointment, or contact us online to start the scheduling process. It is my priority to help Portland residents through the challenges they face to find long-term solutions that work.

My firm is a debt relief agency. I help people find bankruptcy relief through the Bankruptcy Code.