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Using Wills And Trusts To Plan For The Future

Creating a will or trust may feel like something you can handle at a later date. Some people think that estate planning is only necessary if you have complex assets or children or you are past the age of retirement. In reality, all Oregon residents should have an established plan to prepare for life’s uncertainties.

A will or trust can establish what should happen to your property, financial holdings, medical decisions and your dependents’ care if you unexpectedly become incapacitated or pass away. Whether you are worried about documenting end-of-life-care preferences or want to protect your hard-earned assets for your children, a will or trust can offer significant benefits and peace of mind.

Finding The Right Tools For You

With over 23 years of experience, my firm, Christopher J. Kane, PC, can use the right estate planning tools to meet your goals. A plan must be personalized to meet your unique financial situation and family needs.

With a friendly, personalized approach, I can help you create or modify:

  • Trusts to protect your family members’ financial security
  • Trusts to protect the long-term care of dependents
  • Trusts to designate assets for a special use, such as charitable trusts
  • An official will that can hold up against disputes
  • Powers of attorney for medical or financial decisions
  • Health care directives to explain your care preferences if you become injured or ill

Your estate plan should be evaluated and updated after significant life events, or every three to five years, to remain accurate and ensure optimal protection.

I will carefully listen to your needs and recommend a custom estate plan that fits your lifestyle. Estate planning can be complex, but I always treat it like a conversation. I ensure that you understand your options and can confidently make decisions for your family.

Let’s Discuss How I Can Help

Call my Portland office at 971-808-4518 to set up a free initial appointment to discuss your estate planning options. You may also contact me online.

Together, we will work toward establishing a secure future for you and the life you have worked hard to build. I treat your estate plan with the same care that I manage my own. I look forward to discussing how I can best serve your needs.